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Brothers & Sisters of the Tin Sandwich, Brother Ross,

Several discussions have been held with kiwiblues, , via the web forum. She had been acquiring her Suzuki's via E-bay. Her preferences are the Mr-350 for playing gig's and the MR-250 for her students to learn their 'licks'. (BTB Her Suzuki outlet has been found to be in Auckland. Saves her S&H, shipping and handling!)

I began with a Hohner classic Marine Band Harmonica. After reading hundreds of e-mails and scouring dozens of sites I urged my local shop to handle Suzuki products (so that I could get the MR-250's). They were impressed by the Suzuki level of quality and commitment...And have sold out of every Suzuki they have EVER received. (I have a nice collection of almost all Masterblues! And a 12-hole SCX-48.)

Admittedly I have more than enough varieties of harp to be guilty of being refered to as a "yard sale gone bad". But any harp player has purchased their fair share of "what about" harps because of any of a thousand reasons. Bends, Hering, Hohner, Huang, Johnson, Kay, Seydel and Suzuki. (You can do your price comparisons via .

I love 'em all. So let's get down to the Suzuki.

Here's a compendium of the Suzuki line: , and

Suzuki SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica -

Suzuki SCX Chromatics -

Suzuki Overdrive -

Suzuki Fabulous Chromatic Harmonicas -

Suzuki Fire Breath and Pure Harp -

Suzuki Magic Garden and SC Chromatics -

Suzuki ProMaster Valved Diatonics -

Suzuki Fabulous Diatonic Harmonicas -

Suzuki ProMaster, Hammond & Pipe Humming -

Suzuki Harpmaster and Bluesmaster -

You'll like what you play.

Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man

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Hey List - Primarily a SP20 player, but when I have a few spare bucks, I like to test drive different diatonic harps to see what's out there. It seems that we have a growing # of harmonica mfgs. and models and customizers to tempt us and it makes for interesting shopping bang-for-the-buck discussions. I've had some customized SP20 harps as well and loved them.

I am usually dissappointed with Mfg. out of the box purchases when compared to the SP20, but last year I bought an upmarket Suzuki Firebreath Harp online and was pretty darned impressed - I can't afford to have a stable of these, but was wondering if any one out there has experience with Suzuki's MR-350 Promaster Deluxe, or the Bluesmaster as compared to the SP20?

What other harps do you SP20 players experiment with? Anyone find a different axe that competes well with the SP20?

Best -
Ross Macdonald
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