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Chris - 

Will the hole placement match up with previous existing placements, such as the Richard Farrell combs or the 270 Deluxe? (I don't have a Deluxe, so I don't know whether any correspondence exists between the Deluxe and the Farrell screw hole placements.)

If the placement matches the existing nail holes on the 270 (which was the basis for the Farrell combs) then many players would be able to drill their own holes without your having to do it for them.


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Subject: [Harp-L] 270 Replacement combs
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I just wanted to make a quick announcement that I'm going to be offering
replacement combs for the 270 in the near future, hopefully within the next
week. The combs are molded plastic with stainless steel nuts embedded into the
plastic for the reedplate screws and post cured to stabilize the material as
well as increase it's strength and durability. Reedplates will have to be
drilled out or you can send the harp to me for assembly. I'll let you all
know when they are up on the site and available to order. They will also be
available in different colors. Other makes and models of chromatic combs will be
available as I get the tooling designed and built. 


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