[Harp-L] The Best Harp Player in the World

That post about someone saying Kim Wilson was the best harp player in the world has kept me feeling cheerful all day.

I have mentioned the Ken Deifik Phony Baloney Set Theory before here. In this instance it states that Kim Wilson Is In The Set Of Harp Players Who Would Be The Best Harp Player In The World If The Other Players In The Set Did Not Exist.

He's certainly one of the greats. His time is particularly awesome, and he just plays beautifully.

But in the end, we harp players are like barbecue joints. Every barbecue joint I've ever been to has some adherent or other who confidently tells you it's the best in the world.

My wife will assure anyone who asks about my leading credentials as a harmonica genius. And my wife makes a hell of a good barbecue. Beat that.

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