[Harp-L] Ordering Harps (or anything) online

"Dave" was upset about his online harp ordering experience...
<<<< I was actually able to talk to someone at the  company the other day.  
He said the CD was back ordered, would I like the  harmonicas sent anyway?  
Well, YES, of course I want the harmonicas  sent.  And by the way Harp Depot, 
thanks for telling me about the backorder  (after I called you).

I think we need to get the word out to people that  want to buy harmonicas 
online, that if you want one in any thing approaching a  timely manner, avoid 
Harp Depot in all its various incarnations.  >>>

Dave, it doesn't seem overly horrible or confusing. There's usually a  phone 
number on any online site, and just simple common sense to back up your  order 
by calling AS you order, just to make sure communications are clear.
I agree you should have been contacted about the back order. But in  the same 
situation I probably wouldn't automatically assume the rest of my  order 
would be sent ahead of backordered items. Everyone's got their policies  and 
protocols and its a good idea to ask about them....follow up your  inquiries and 
orders with some old-fashioned human interaction.
I've never had a problem ordering from Harp Depot/Express etc. 
I think I'd give benefit of the doubt (and be a little more proactive)  
before using a public forum for disparaging or down-talking people for a  single 
slip-up. Just an opinion, your mileage (and/or patience) may vary.
Jeff G
Denver CO

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