[Harp-L] zoom h2/h4 with external mics?

i had a bit of a scare yesterday when my minidisc appeared to be dead. turns out the battery has just died, so it won't hold a charge, but i can still use it using the external battery pack. but it got me thinking about maybe upgrading to a digital recorder.

the zoom h4 is probably out of my price range, but i'm considering the h2. so i wondered if anyone had any experience using either of these with external mics? i know they have built in mics, but i have good external mics that i'd like to be able to use. i recall that bill hines had some problems early on using his h4 with external mics, though i believe that was a firmware issue that was later fixed.

if anybody has any experience with this, or with the h2/h4 in general, i'd be glad to hear about it. any thoughts about tradeoffs between the two would be helpful, as well. i just want to record, so the effects offered by the h4 are not of interest to me.


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