Re: [Harp-L] zoom h2/h4 with external mics?

I frequently use external mics while recording with the Zoom H4.  The
results have been excellent.

The H4 has phantom power and XLR connectors for your good condenser mics,
but it will place a little extra burden on your batteries if you are running
under battery power.  Were possible I use a small tube preamp, and in that
configuration the recordings have been very, very good.

I have no experience with the H2, but I think I prefer the H4 because of its
4-channel multi-track abilities (two tracks recorded simultaneously).  Like
you, I use the H4 as a capture device, and almost never use its
effects.  I've had the H4 for over a year and have used it a lot.  Very cool


On Jan 3, 2008 9:55 AM, Garry Hodgson <harp@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> i had a bit of a scare yesterday when my minidisc appeared to be dead.
>  turns out the battery has just died, so it won't hold a charge, but
> i can still use it using the external battery pack.  but it got me
> thinking about maybe upgrading to a digital recorder.
> the zoom h4 is probably out of my price range, but i'm considering the
> h2.  so i wondered if anyone had any experience using either of these
> with external mics?  i know they have built in mics, but i have good
> external mics that i'd like to be able to use.  i recall that bill
> hines had some problems early on using his h4 with external mics,
> though i believe that was a firmware issue that was later fixed.
> if anybody has any experience with this, or with the h2/h4 in general,
> i'd be glad to hear about it.  any thoughts about tradeoffs between
> the two would be helpful, as well.  i just want to record, so the
> effects offered by the h4 are not of interest to me.
> thanks
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