Re: [Harp-L] funk scales

I dunno, I kinda like the idea of a "funk" mode. Then again, I'm sure that
the theory monsters on this list might object......

- B

On 6/6/07, Nick Kirkes <nick.kirkes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You're correct, I was speaking figuratively when I said funk. There was a good funk tune on the radio on the drive in that had me in that frame of mind.

Thanks so much for the link.

On 6/6/07, rmcgraw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <rmcgraw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > > Jamey Aebersold [ ] has several play-alongs that are > useful for scale practice...geared more for jazz than funk, but I assume > from your post you're speaking figuratively when you say funk. > > Try the "Dominant Seventh Workout"'s got vamps on the 12 dom 7th > chords; I'm sure you're aware the dom 7th chord [ C7, for example] and > it's variations are the chord you'll see most often in funk, blues, rock, > jazz, etc...also, the workbook that goes with the CD has examples of > various scales that you can play over the dom 7th chord. > WVa Bob > > > > Ok, I know "funk" isn't really a mode, I was just hoping someone might > be > > able to lend some insight into "funking up" scales practice, maybe > > different > > rhythms, etc. I'm a bit bored with some of the scales I've been > > practicing > > and am looking for ways to expand on things I'm already comfortable > with. > > > > N > > _______________________________________________ > > Harp-L is sponsored by SPAH, > > Harp-L@xxxxxxxxxx > > > > > > _______________________________________________ Harp-L is sponsored by SPAH, Harp-L@xxxxxxxxxx

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