Re: [Harp-L] funk scales

Jamey Aebersold [ ] has several play-alongs that are
useful for scale practice...geared more for jazz than funk, but I assume
from your post you're speaking figuratively when you say funk.

Try the "Dominant Seventh Workout"'s got vamps on the 12 dom 7th
chords; I'm sure you're aware  the dom 7th chord [ C7, for example] and
it's variations are the chord you'll see most often in funk, blues, rock,
jazz, etc...also, the workbook that goes with the CD has examples of
various scales that you can play over the dom 7th chord.
WVa Bob

> Ok, I know "funk" isn't really a mode, I was just hoping someone might be
> able to lend some insight into "funking up" scales practice, maybe
> different
> rhythms, etc.  I'm a bit bored with some of the scales I've been
> practicing
> and am looking for ways to expand on things I'm already comfortable with.
> N
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