Re: [Harp-L] Re: top 40 harp

On May 31, 2007, at 10:57 PM, Tim Moyer wrote:

Joe Leone wrote:
How many people noticed that the covers on that '64' come full
flare all the way to the ends of the chromo? It's not a hohner

The Super 64 and the Super 64x have full length covers...


Yes sir Tim, but the supers TAPER downhill towards the ends in the last 3/4" (19mm). A close inspection of this one shows that the rear opening is FULL flare ALL the way to the bitter ends of the comb. It's as if someone took a regular 64 and sawed off the outer ends where they flatten out and accept the flush screws. But that can't be because the chromo is FULL size.

The supers have barrel screws and the ends of the covers aren't full thickness of 1 3/16" (29mm).

MY guess is that they have opened up the ends of the bent over flange, as I didn't notice very much flange at all. The flange appeared to be minimal, whereas the supers have a substantial flange.

Stevie holds the harp with only his 3 finger tips of his left hand and 2 of his right while working the button with a joint of his index finger. I'm wondering if these covers are stock or if they are ultra thin metal, allowing more than usual vibration.

As for 64s not coming in Bb. Everything can be had for a price. :) This kid makes me crazy.


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