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Here's for a closer look at the instrument:


On Jun 1, 6:21 am, Joe and Cass Leone <l...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On May 31, 2007, at 10:57 PM, Tim Moyer wrote:
> > Joe Leone wrote:
> >> How many people noticed that the covers on that '64' come full
> >> flare all the way to the ends of the chromo? It's not a hohner
> > The Super 64 and the Super 64x have full length covers...
> > -tim
> Yes sir Tim, but the supers TAPER downhill towards the ends in the
> last 3/4" (19mm). A close inspection of this one shows that the rear
> opening is FULL flare ALL the way to the bitter ends of the comb.
> It's as if someone took a regular 64 and sawed off the outer ends
> where they flatten out and accept the flush screws. But that can't be
> because the chromo is FULL size.
> The supers have barrel screws and the ends of the covers aren't full
> thickness of 1 3/16" (29mm).
> MY guess is that they have opened up the ends of the bent over
> flange, as I didn't notice very much flange at all. The flange
> appeared to be minimal, whereas the supers have a substantial flange.
> Stevie holds the harp with only his 3 finger tips of his left hand
> and 2 of his right while working the button with a joint of his index
> finger. I'm wondering if these covers are stock or if they are ultra
> thin metal, allowing more than usual vibration.
> As for 64s not coming in Bb. Everything can be had for a price. :)
> This kid makes me crazy.
> smokey-joe
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