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Use a peace of tapered rod. insert it gently till it stops mark it and measure at the mark with an outside micrometer. If you have an assortment of fairly clean
drill bits you may be able to get fairly close measurement with the non business end. You could also try stacked point gauges from the auto store.
None of these are perfect but somewhat close.

......................Dane Paul

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The one reed set I looked at under magnification sure looked like the milling marks were across the width of the reed not down the length of it. If I understand Vern's explanation of ss versus cuprous alloys then the ss reeds will last forever by virtue of them being able to cycle infinitely as long as the stress limit is never exceeded. One would hope that Seydel engineered the reeds to operate within that constraint. How exactly would you manoeuvre a micrometer into a reed slot to gauge the thickness anyhow? The one I have is wider than the slots. fjm
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