Re: [Harp-L] Steel Reed Thickness

I have no idea bout the read thickness,
but at the Buckeye, I believe Rupert Oysler
or Jimi Lee (at the roundtable discussion on how he
prepares his harps, and is now a big Seydel fan),
mentioned that the new Seydel stainless steel reeds
come from milled (rolled) sheet where the milling
marks run lengthwise down the reed, instead of 
across the width of the reed (the way 'conventional'
brass reeds are milled).

This milling difference will also contribue to the
long longevity of these new stainless steel reeds.
Most conventional reeds will crack/break at one of the
mill marks that run accross the width of the reed.

Ken H in OH

--- Will Vogtman <will_vogtman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Anyone out there slap a micrometer on a few of
> Seydel's steel reeds?  I may order some spring or
> stainless steel shim stock and experiment.
>   Thanks.
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