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This is my own sad story about harp names. When I first started playing many years ago I picked up various Marine Bands and could not get them to sound bluesy. As hard as I tried, I could not play blues in E on an E harmonica. I gave up, but tried several times over the years. Then I saw that I was playing the wrong harmonica. I heard about the "Blues Harp. I thought if I bought a "Blues Harp" I would be set. So I got one in G to play along with a song in G and still couldn't figure it out. I was ready to give up again but got a book on harmonica. I read about 2 paragraphs into the book where it mentioned cross harp. Then the light bulb went off and I've been playing ever since. These days that would have never happened because I would just Google it.


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Hi Bob,

the Cross Harp has oficially never been offered labeled in second
position. But it is quite possible that, in the beginning, incorrect
advertising has been made, by Hohner or, more probably, by some
dealer/distributor/shop. Anyway, it is important now that it be clear
that Cross Harps are labeled in first position.

Why Cross Harp if it labeled as any other harmonica? Well, just
because it is a catchy name which works very well for a diatonic
harmonica model :-)

All the best,
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