Re: [Harp-L] Cross Harp

> "Fernando Bresslau" <fernando@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Cross Harps are, just as any other Hohner Diatonic, labeled in the key
> > of the first note blow, that is, first position. The name Cross Harp
> > is a catchy name and does not have anything to do with the key
> > labelling. But sure, I had never thought it this way, this can be
> > confusing and it seems reasonable to expect the Cross Harp to be
> > labeled in the Cross Harp key, not in first position.

Garry responded:

> i think the OP may have had these confused with lee oskars.  several
> of their models (melody maker, natural minor) are labeled in cross harp.
> to me, this seems like it'd be pretty confusing.

If by "OP" you were referring to me,,

No. Not the case.

At that point in time, I wasn't even aware of Lee Oskars.

I clearly recall that the advertising I read, in store, was concerning the
Hohner "Cross Harp", and stated that it was named for its "cross harp key".

I also recall having immediately told the store salesperson that this was
not the case, after I played a few notes on it, but decided to keep it
anyway, and let Hohner know about the gaffe. I don't, however, recall ever
following up on it. I was not so certain that a company way over the pond
could be personally concerned about my predicament. In the end, the harp
ended up in my "fix-it box" since it wasn't set up properly, and there it
sits until this day. Oh well. It's just another one of those things I'll get
around to doing some day.

Bob,,waiting for the chance to brag about Hohner "being so nice to me",,

and no,,I'm not making this up for the sake of personal gain. I'm not I'm
not I'm not,,,

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