[Harp-L] comb material

> comb.  I offer a standing 
> $1000 wager that no one can tell the difference in
> tone between harmonicas 
> having different comb materials but otherwise
> identical parts.  Wanta bet???

My metal combed harps do sound significantly different
from the plastic ones. Im not saying that an audience
could tell the difference, but I hear a significant
difference. It might also be, because they are unique
constructions, but one thing is sure. Wood absorbs a
whole lot more sound than metal does. In other words
wood is rather a sound insulator, metal is a sound
conductor. Wood is rather a sound absorber, metal is
rather a "sound reflector". This must have got
something to do with the sound of the harp. Maybe not
much, but something for sure. 
The reeds attached to the reedplates generate
vibrations. These vibrations are conducted away by a
metal comb. And absorbed by a woodden comb, or at
least conducted in a much worse way. At least this is
what I think. 


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