Re: [Harp-L] Seydel 1847 stainless steel reed harmonica

.."Wood is different than
plastic in that the wood usually leaks a bunch and the plastic rarely
ever does."  fjm
.....Just a thought on this remark: I've often thought wood combed
harps sounded different to plastics. However, I've come to the
conclusion that the reason is exactly as stated above.
         I have fallen into the habit of deliberately using a slightly
leaky harmonica on some tunes because I want a light, reedy sound. Note
that when I say'slightly leaky', this may simply mean harps with more
offset to the reeds.
        The harps that I have adjusted for overblowing sometimes do not
produce the sound might I want on a particular song.  
        Likewise the XBs (which by the way, I love); the sound they
produce is not what I want to here on everything. 
        For example, I like using XBs on country/mex kinda things like
"Who were you thinking of?" (Doug Sahm) where a big, fruity
accordion-esque sound suits (but you can still get funky, in a hexagonal
kind of way), and I will use it on slick, urban style blues (note that I
am avoiding saying 'Chicago' or any other geograhically specific
        But if I want a reedy, back-country, naive kind of sound. OK; a
Geographic description, but only 'cause it emphasises what I'm talking
about :Louisiana blues...or even label/studio specific ( I'm an Aussie,
and having learnt it all off records, this suits me fine) - Excello and
Goldband sounds
        I prefer plastic combs because they are a lot less trouble, but
I still like a wood comb now and then, probably because (as long as the
reed offset is OK) the leakage will produce a sound that will be
different to a plastic harp, while the instrument still plays well
enough to do the job.
       This is, I know, a pretty irrational. I don't like having to be
rational when it comes to playing music, however.
Rick Dempster

>>> fjm <mktspot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 17/04/2007 7:44:36 >>>
Dave Fertig writes:

> Among all the talk about the $85 Seydel 1847, I recall no comments
about its tone.
> Anyone?  It seems like stainless steel might sound pretty different. 

They are loud and bright but not in any kind of edgy way.  I don't
the reeds have anything to do with that though.  Maybe the loud part
because the slot tolerances are supposed to be closer with the
steel reeds.  By the way putting on those covers Tim hates so much
altered the tone big time.  Much more open with more harmonics.  It
might not sound any different in front though.  I think the slots let
sound out to the player.

Jeff Rouler writes:

> It may be me, but I think nothing beats the sound of wood. 

In the case of harmonicas all the combs do is hold the plates and
provide channels for the air to get through the reeds.  Wood doesn't
have a characteristic sound.  A Special 20 with Marine Band covers
end up sounding like a Marine Band though.  I do like wooden combs for
diatonics but only because of the aesthetic.  Wood is different than
plastic in that the wood usually leaks a bunch and the plastic rarely
ever does.  fjm

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