Re: [Harp-L] Seydel 1847 stainless steel reed harmonica

Dave Fertig writes:

Among all the talk about the $85 Seydel 1847, I recall no comments about its tone.

Anyone? It seems like stainless steel might sound pretty different.

They are loud and bright but not in any kind of edgy way.  I don't think
the reeds have anything to do with that though.  Maybe the loud part
because the slot tolerances are supposed to be closer with the stainless
steel reeds.  By the way putting on those covers Tim hates so much
altered the tone big time.  Much more open with more harmonics.  It
might not sound any different in front though.  I think the slots let
sound out to the player.

Jeff Rouler writes:

It may be me, but I think nothing beats the sound of wood.

In the case of harmonicas all the combs do is hold the plates and provide channels for the air to get through the reeds. Wood doesn't have a characteristic sound. A Special 20 with Marine Band covers does end up sounding like a Marine Band though. I do like wooden combs for diatonics but only because of the aesthetic. Wood is different than plastic in that the wood usually leaks a bunch and the plastic rarely ever does. fjm

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