Re: HARP_Re: Jimmy LLoyd Rea, Re: Jimmy LLoyd Rea

Maybe WE should do Roadhouse Blues... maybe even a whole DOORS 
tribute.  BTW, did you listen to the Switchmasters?

On Jul 11, 11:26am, Tim Moody wrote:
> Subject: HARP_Re: Jimmy LLoyd Rea, Re: Jimmy LLoyd Rea
> :with.  Then I took Tim Moodys advice and ordered from Kevins "Roadhouse
> :Blues" which I understood the proceeds would go toward the Paul DeLay
> :release fund.  What I received from Kevins was "Roadhouse Blues" by
> :Jimmy LLoyd Rea & the Switchmasters.  Now I just listened to it and it's
> :great, that's the style of harp I love and I'm teaching myself how play it.
> Sorry about the mix-up. But as you mentioned the JLR and The Switchmaster is
> great too. I love Bill Rhoades's harp work.
> Tim Moody
>-- End of excerpt from Tim Moody

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