[Harp-L] Beyerdynamic M88 TG

Mike Fugazzi harpninjamike@xxxxx
Wed Aug 30 11:48:46 EDT 2023


I was having a hard time searching the archives.  I've seen a few players
using the Beyerdynamic M88 TG lately.  Filip Jers, Will Wilde, Joel
Anderson, and Howard Levy have for sure used one.  I've seen references to
Mickey Raphael using one as well (but have never seen or heard this).

I have a Beyerdynamic M160 that is easily my favorite mic - used by Mickey
and Lee Oskar.  I play mostly in a bar band ampless, though, and would
prefer to baby the M160 and keep it at home.  I can't find any
examples comparing the two mics, and am looking for such.

I used an Audix Fireball V (when I asked Lee what he'd suggest in my
situation he responded with the Fireball) this summer, but I had one break
recently.  I find it to be a pretty bright mic, but totally usable.  I have
tried an sE Electrics V7x as well and the frequency response is pretty flat
and similar to the M160 on paper.  It is a pretty nice mic, but not the
easiest to hold.  I have an Ultimate 58 and Ultimate 545 and they are fine

What I love about the M160 is the flat response throughout.  It doesn't
have a huge proximity effect, and it doesn't clip, but it does have a
wonderful warm sound.  I really want to try the M88, but it might have a
more extended top end like a Shure or Fireball?  Does anyone have any input
on the M88, specifically compared to the M160?

Here's a clip of me using the M160.

At the moment, I am most likely to use the Fireball V with EQ.  The V7x
works well and is VERY affordable.  I would definitely recommend it hand
held or on a stand for an acoustic player.


*Mike Fugazzi*

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