[Harp-L] Quick recommendation

Slim Heilpern slim@xxxxx
Sun Aug 20 08:34:19 EDT 2023

I've never played a Meisterklasse, but have heard good things about them.  I've played CX12s a lot, own many of them. They are generally very good, but in my experience have, in recent years, had quite a few with annoying windsaver issues right out of the box. Hopefully that situation has improved since my last purchase, which was maybe 5 years ago now.

- Slim

> On Aug 19, 2023, at 1:17 PM, John Thaden <jjthaden at xxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks Slim and(offline) Steve Bourke for thoughtful recommendations! My friend wanting to play again prefers to buy local if possible. A great music store in town has a CX-12 and a model I wasn't even aware of, the Hohner 7565 Meisterklasse 14-hole, both on his preferred key of C. Anyone tried this Meisterklasse? It's not cheap. Is it a great chrom?
> Thanks,
> John Thaden

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