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John Thaden jjthaden@xxxxx
Sat Aug 19 14:17:37 EDT 2023

Thanks Slim and(offline) Steve Bourke for thoughtful recommendations! My friend wanting to play again prefers to buy local if possible. A great music store in town has a CX-12 and a model I wasn't even aware of, the Hohner 7565 Meisterklasse 14-hole, both on his preferred key of C. Anyone tried this Meisterklasse? It's not cheap. Is it a great chrom?
John Thaden

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  On Fri, Aug 18, 2023 at 7:53 AM, Slim Heilpern<slim at xxxxx> wrote:   There are so many 12-holer choices, and of the newer models, I only own a few.

I'm currently playing either Hohner Discovery or Kongsheng Lyra Gold (the Discovery's are relatively inexpensive and in my experience require the least maintenance -- the downside is they're not as airtight as the more expensive models).  The Xpression is a Discovery with a really nice mouthpiece. I have only one of those and it's a bit of a lemon, needs work (must have slipped through whatever quality control methods Hohner has these days). 

All of the Suzukis and Seydels are generally great, as are the higher end Easttops. But with so many choices, this is all going to come down to personal taste, so not sure what to tell you....

And thanks for the compliment John!

- Slim

> On Aug 17, 2023, at 11:53 PM, John Thaden <jjthaden at xxxxx> wrote:
> Great Slim.  Good conservative recommendations. Another player also mentioned the Easttop.
>  And if he wanted to go 12 hole?
> Like your stuff a lot, by the way.
> John
> On Thu, Aug 17, 2023 at 11:34 PM, Slim Heilpern
> <slim at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hi John -
> Just my opinion here (of course)....
> Yeah, probably not symmetrical tuning for "cowboy music" :-). If he played 60 years ago by ear, it's a fair assumption he'd be comfortable with standard solo tuning in C. And if he used to play a 64, then probably best to stick with that.
> As for a preference for buying local, might be hard to find anything depending on where you live.
> I'd recommend any of the following:
> - Hohner Chromonica 64
> - Suzuki SCX 64
> - Easttop 64 (not sure what the current model is called)
> There are more expensive models, but might be overkill.
> Just my 2 cents...
> - Slim
> > On Aug 17, 2023, at 8:45 AM, John Thaden <jjthaden at xxxxx> wrote:
> > 
> > Looking for some quick chromatic purchase recommendations. Here's the story.
> > Fella gifted me his 65 year old 64 Chromonica one day after approaching me during a break at a festival gig. Nice. Needs work. A year later this morning calls me up asking for a harmonica purchase recommendation, some model of button chrom. Wants to play "Oh anything. Cowboy music." Last played some 60 years ago, by ear. Good health. Price range? "Well I want a good one".
> > I'm a 97% diatonic guy and my go-to chrom is a 12-hole G Koch Harmonica Pat Missin retuned to an F "Auggie" -- augmented tuning, a whole tone setup. What a beaut. If it were up to me, I'd probably steer this fellow to some sort of symmetrical special tuning like that, but I guess a few of you would accuse me of malpractice.
> > I mentioned a 12-hole, another preference of mine. Just easier to start back up with IMHO. He mentioned key of C -- the shorter harp would miss the bottom octave. He doesn't remember if he used that much. 
> > He might prefer to buy local.
> > Told him I'd get back with him later this morning.
> > Can you please recommend makes and models?
> > Thanks,
> > John Thaden


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