[Harp-L] Quick recommendation

Slim Heilpern slim@xxxxx
Fri Aug 18 00:34:04 EDT 2023

Hi John -

Just my opinion here (of course)....

Yeah, probably not symmetrical tuning for "cowboy music" :-). If he played 60 years ago by ear, it's a fair assumption he'd be comfortable with standard solo tuning in C. And if he used to play a 64, then probably best to stick with that.

As for a preference for buying local, might be hard to find anything depending on where you live.

I'd recommend any of the following:

- Hohner Chromonica 64
- Suzuki SCX 64
- Easttop 64 (not sure what the current model is called)

There are more expensive models, but might be overkill.

Just my 2 cents...

- Slim


> On Aug 17, 2023, at 8:45 AM, John Thaden <jjthaden at xxxxx> wrote:
> Looking for some quick chromatic purchase recommendations. Here's the story.
> Fella gifted me his 65 year old 64 Chromonica one day after approaching me during a break at a festival gig. Nice. Needs work. A year later this morning calls me up asking for a harmonica purchase recommendation, some model of button chrom. Wants to play "Oh anything. Cowboy music." Last played some 60 years ago, by ear. Good health. Price range? "Well I want a good one".
> I'm a 97% diatonic guy and my go-to chrom is a 12-hole G Koch Harmonica Pat Missin retuned to an F "Auggie" -- augmented tuning, a whole tone setup. What a beaut. If it were up to me, I'd probably steer this fellow to some sort of symmetrical special tuning like that, but I guess a few of you would accuse me of malpractice.
> I mentioned a 12-hole, another preference of mine. Just easier to start back up with IMHO. He mentioned key of C -- the shorter harp would miss the bottom octave. He doesn't remember if he used that much. 
> He might prefer to buy local.
> Told him I'd get back with him later this morning.
> Can you please recommend makes and models?
> Thanks,
> John Thaden

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