[Harp-L] Quick recommendation

John Thaden jjthaden@xxxxx
Thu Aug 17 09:45:07 EDT 2023

Looking for some quick chromatic purchase recommendations. Here's the story.
Fella gifted me his 65 year old 64 Chromonica one day after approaching me during a break at a festival gig. Nice. Needs work. A year later this morning calls me up asking for a harmonica purchase recommendation, some model of button chrom. Wants to play "Oh anything. Cowboy music." Last played some 60 years ago, by ear. Good health. Price range? "Well I want a good one".
I'm a 97% diatonic guy and my go-to chrom is a 12-hole G Koch Harmonica Pat Missin retuned to an F "Auggie" -- augmented tuning, a whole tone setup. What a beaut. If it were up to me, I'd probably steer this fellow to some sort of symmetrical special tuning like that, but I guess a few of you would accuse me of malpractice.
I mentioned a 12-hole, another preference of mine. Just easier to start back up with IMHO. He mentioned key of C -- the shorter harp would miss the bottom octave. He doesn't remember if he used that much. 
He might prefer to buy local.
Told him I'd get back with him later this morning.
Can you please recommend makes and models?
John Thaden

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