[Harp-L] seeking suggestions for songs with slide guitar

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Sat May 14 01:52:36 EDT 2022

Try "Hawaiian Boogie" by Elmore James with JT Brown on sax. Rocks like crazy. Good luck!
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>Ämne : [Harp-L] seeking suggestions for songs with slide guitar
>Hello Fellow Chewers of the Tin Sandwich,
>Please give me some suggestions for blues or blues-ish songs where there
>might be a *backup* part for a slide guitar.
>I'm currently playing in a blues/rock band where the leader has kindly
>consented to allocate a song in our set where I can blow to my heart's
>content. I just need to choose the song.
>And I'd like to respond to his generosity by choosing a song that gives him
>a non-boring backing part to play. He plays slide guitar in open tunings,
>and that limits us somewhat.
>We've already dug into the Elmore James catalog for "Dust My Broom" and
>"Shake Your Moneymaker," btw.
>My preference would be for an instrumental, but what I've come up with so
>far are a bunch of tunes with relatively standard guitar parts.
>Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
>Bright moments,
>Peter Beck
>kpfbeck at xxxxx

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