[Harp-L] Video LW JR mic vs SE HB52

Boris Plotnikov ploboris@xxxxx
Wed Oct 13 16:23:44 EDT 2021


In this video I compare harmonica microphones. Lone Wolf Blues Company
Jason Ricci signature vs Hohner/SE Harpblaster HB52.

Lone Wolf Blues Company Jason Ricci signature


   - Better bass response
   - More natural clean tone
   - standard 1/4 guitar jack input. Cables are available at any venue.
   - Fit standard shure clips (both wide for wireless and narrow for wired
   microphones), available at any venue.
   - Works better with pitch and modulation effects


   - slightly bigger
   - Not a perfect response to hand effects

Hohner/SE Harpblaster HB52


   - better response to hand effects
   - Sound really great with distortion
   - Locked connection
   - Very lightweight and easy to hold


   - weaker bass response
   - Dirtier clean sound
   - XLR connector, need adapter or special cable which is not available at
   any venue.
   - Need a special custom clip

If I have to choose one - my choice is Jason Ricci signature. However I
like to own HB52 and use it for one or two songs in a gig to use more hand
effects. What is your choice?
Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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