[Harp-L] Hohner commemorative showpiece harps for sale

Tom Ball havaball@xxxxx
Sat May 29 23:14:37 EDT 2021

Happy to say the Trumpet Call #220 is now sold.
The other two are still available however.

Please feel free to request photos... these babies are sweet!

Gorgeous Hohner showpiece harps for sale. UNPLAYED. 
Modern commemoratives in perfect condition, each in the original wooden box.

1) Hohner Echophone #3810. In wooden display box. $150 OBO.
2) Hohner Echobell. In heavy wooden display box. $200 OBO.
3) (sold)

These things are gorgeous and were only used for display.
Photos on request... just send me a private Email.
For sale in the USA ONLY.
$10 each shipping in the USA. PayPal is cool.

Figured I would offer them here on Harp-L before I stick em on eBay.

Cheers and thanks for any interest!
Tom Ball
<havaball at xxxxx <mailto:havaball at xxxxx>>

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