[Harp-L] Hohner commemorative showpiece harps for sale

Tom Ball havaball@xxxxx
Thu May 27 14:56:52 EDT 2021

Gorgeous Hohner showpiece harps for sale. UNPLAYED. 
Modern commemoratives in perfect condition, each in the original wooden box.

1) Hohner Echophone #3810. In wooden display box. $150 OBO.
2) Hohner Echobell. In heavy wooden display box. $200 OBO.
3) Hohner Trumpet Call #220. Very large!  In heavy wooden display box. $250 OBO.

These things are gorgeous and were only used for display.
Photos on request — just send me a private Email.
For sale in the USA ONLY.
$10 each shipping in the USA. PayPal is cool.

Figured I’d offer them here on Harp-L before I stick ‘em on eBay.

Cheers and thanks for any interest!
Tom Ball
<havaball at xxxxx <mailto:havaball at xxxxx>>

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