[Harp-L] Microphones for Harmonica playing

bad_hat@xxxxx bad_hat@xxxxx
Fri May 28 07:32:45 EDT 2021

Good question.  What kinds of music do you play and what sound are you 
wanting to get? Personally, subjectively I use an older Shure 545 which 
I like because it's versatile.  You can get a classic amplified 
compressed blues tone but you can also put it in a stand and play with 
an acoustic sound if you want to.  It's a stick mic though and some 
people will find it difficult to cup, enclosing the microphone with your 
hands is how you get a compressed tone.  I have used previously a 
biscuit microphone with a Shure element in it, various Astatic 
microphones with crystal or ceramic elements and a Shure SM 57 another 
stick microphone.  Virtually all of the purpose built bullet type 
microphones are too monochromatic in sound for me.   I liked the SM 67 
ok, the 545 is better for me.

Greg Heumann was mentioned by Geprge Miklas, Greg makes his own bullet 
type mic the bulletini and it's well thought of, he also modifies Shure 
stick type microphones to make them physically smaller.  I've never 
tried one because what I use now works for me but they are very 
intriguing and the level of craft in his products is high.

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