[Harp-L] a BIGGER Harmonica Blowout by HarmonicaGallery

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Wed May 5 18:37:24 EDT 2021

*Sorry Gary, but I had to put it out there as you did!*

I have *two - 23.43" long (595mm) *Suzuki SCH-48 Orchestral Chord
Harmonicas which I have had in my inventory for about 3 years. CLICK
<https://suzukimusic-global.com/products_single.php?products_cd=57>on this LINK
Suzuki's description and pictures.

Some of these harmonicas by Suzuki and Hohner have an MSRP of $3000.
This model, Suzuki SCH-48 can be bought brand new from Pitbull Audio for
$1899.99, or on Reverb for $1699, or from Fred Klett for $1095
This model, Suzuki SCH-48 can be bought used on eBay for $630, shipped from

For a limited time only to raise funds for a family trip[1], I am selling *two
*used, Suzuki SCH-48, which I will sell for $600, with free shipping to the
CONUS, from Lynchburg, VA.

Yes I have *two *in stock and ready to ship today, but I also have a third
one coming to me tomorrow which is to be resold.  So I have *three *to sell.

*Color*, and case may vary. The harmonicas are *used*, but I *speculate *to
say that each has 15 minutes playing time. They are *extremely clean*, and
I will sanitize each one in Ozone before shipping.

*Please reply to this email with your shipping address, email address, and
phone number. This is the information that I need to issue an invoice and
shipping label.  *

[1] The family trip is is for my son, who is legally blind, but is losing
central vision. The trip is to click off items on his "seeing bucket list"
including Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, The Ark Encounter, The
Parthanon [replica], and the Titanic Museum. I am selling these harmonicas
at below competitive pricing, to raise money for the trip which is one
month away.

*George Miklas <http://www.georgemiklas.com/>, **Harmonica Specialist;
Educator Performer, Repair Technician; Harmonica Bands, Harmonica Concerti *
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