[Harp-L] Big harmonica sale

jross38@xxxxx jross38@xxxxx
Wed May 5 16:23:07 EDT 2021

“Misleading subject line.”
Not if you take big literally.  Only a chord harp is longer, and that’s a type of big.
“I have several Suzuki Single chromatic harmonicas I would like to sell. These are blow only instruments, three octaves, fully chromatic, no enharmonic, laid out like a piano keyboard. I shot a video that might answer any questions you have. 
They seem to sell for $300 new, I will take much less than that. I am thinking $150, but make me an offer!”
Do you have the Soprano Single, and if so what is the condition?  I have the Alto and it’s awesome, and while I never intended to get the Soprano, well, at $150 it’s a no-brainer.  
For anyone else, if you want a fun, different and LOUD chromatic instrument that you can use as a baseball bat or a dough roller, this is a great price on a fantastic and very high quality, well made instrument (I have no affiliation with the seller or Suzuki, for the record—just hope that he doesn’t sell out of the Soprano before I get one).

Jonathan R. Ross

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