[Harp-L] Black Rock Harmonicas sells fantasies, great to display, not play

Steve Klein stevenlois1@xxxxx
Mon May 3 09:31:57 EDT 2021

I have been playing harmonica since 1969 and have tried various enhancements
for acoustic harmonica. I am sharing my opinion to help others. I have zero
financial interest in any of these products. An important note, none of
these are for gigging in a bar, unless you have added amplification. They
are great for enjoying at home or outside, in a quiet place.

Recently, I tried out 3 horn-appearing attachments
d=IwAR19ZM-ayHD_tIcd4XBNhQGnJ45TRr6YkaiLTvuAC531GOcbQjfsutO7UI0>  from Black
Rock Harmonicas that were newly created. The "Mini pocket amp" ($200),
Trumonica ($25O) and the Saxaphonica ($325).

d=IwAR19ZM-ayHD_tIcd4XBNhQGnJ45TRr6YkaiLTvuAC531GOcbQjfsutO7UI0> They all
are beautiful handcrafted works of art.
d=IwAR19ZM-ayHD_tIcd4XBNhQGnJ45TRr6YkaiLTvuAC531GOcbQjfsutO7UI0> If you want
something to display, this is it.  If you want something to play, not so
much.  Other than in their appearance, there is nothing that makes these
sound different from a regular harmonica. THEY DO NOT SOUND LIKE A TRUMPET,
SAX OR HORN!! They do not significantly alter the tone. The weight of these
dangling from the harmonica, on the largest two, makes it hard to hold for
long and impractical for hand effects.

It appears that
d=IwAR19ZM-ayHD_tIcd4XBNhQGnJ45TRr6YkaiLTvuAC531GOcbQjfsutO7UI0> BlackRock
harmonicas is selling fantasies. Who wouldn't want to get a true Mississippi
Saxophone. I was one sucker that fell for the phony claims! They do look
nice displayed on my shelf though :(



d=IwAR19ZM-ayHD_tIcd4XBNhQGnJ45TRr6YkaiLTvuAC531GOcbQjfsutO7UI0> Here is a
demo of all 3 horn-appearing attachments and also the harmonica by itself:




Two, enhancements for acoustic harmonica that I would recommend, as they are
both easy to hold with the harmonica and get cool effects and are
inexpensive ($45 inc. shipping) is:   "Wee Verb Wah" made by Robert Delirio
Temple. I loved it! Here is a demo:

I also like The Harp Wah made by Roly Poly for muting effects. Price is
$54.92 Here is a demo:


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