[Harp-L] Kongsheng Harmonica

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sat May 1 16:21:54 EDT 2021

 "Mike Rogers" wrote:
Asking for a friend.  Has anyone had any experience with these harmonicas?

I own a Bluebird and a Soloist in Bb and a Sunrise in C.  I wasn't wild
about any of them out of the box, but after flat sanding the draw plates
and adjusting reed offsets I became very fond of the Bluebird and the
Soloist.  The Sunrise has never met my expectations for a responsive
instrument, and I've stopped trying.   In general, I think the Bluebird and
Soloist punch above their price class.

One thing to note about the Kongshengs is that parts seem to be
interchangeable with similar Suzuki models. That might be useful when bad
things happen to either one.
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