[Harp-L] question about how to find a subject in the archives and do i need to sign in on home page

Ken H in Ohio airmojoken@xxxxx
Sun Mar 14 11:59:15 EDT 2021

There is a Harp-L archive here:

And a Harp-L group archive in the defunct Google Groups
(I don't think Google supports the groups any longer, but the messages are
still there, at least for now, but new messages have not gone in there
for quite some time)

You can use Google to search a specific website by prefixing the website
link in the Google search bar with "site: ",
and include the desired search string after the website link,
for example: "site:https://harp-l.org/pipermail/harp-l/ wezo"
should give you harp-l messages containing "wezo".

Maybe there are other ways, but I just tried these and they appear to work.

Ken H in OH

On Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 7:16 AM tom hunt <tomhuntgolf at xxxxx> wrote:

> hello my friend
> i used to read things in harpL some years back
> time passed and i registered again
> when i look at the home page i see no place to sign in ( unless sign in is
> not needed)
> also when i click on archives
>     i see no place to enter a subject to study
> for example if i wanted to look up mega tone wezo 45 amps
>          or  fender princeton 68 re-issue mods
>           i see no place to do that
> it seems i can only open the archive and look through it at random
>             is this the case?
> i will include two attachments of the screens i see i i visit harp L
> thanks for your patience
> tommy

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