[Harp-L] question about how to find a subject in the archives and do i need to sign in on home page

bad_hat@xxxxx bad_hat@xxxxx
Sun Mar 14 18:48:04 EDT 2021

That's a really good question and it momentarily stumped my this morning 
at 4 am.  To search the harp-l archives use the google custom search on 
the harp-l info page at https://harp-l.org/mailman/listinfo/harp-l

It's under the second sub header Using Harp-l  Scroll down to just below 
that and you'll find a google custom search.  It's difficult to see but 
it is there.  I used wezo as a search term and got 13 results.  It's a 
decent search other than being hidden in plain sight (even I had to read 
the text above it to actually find it)   Oh and no you do not need to 
sign in to anything to access the archives or search.  If you run a 
search and find something intriguing you can also go to the list archive 
and tease out more information by going to the month and year of the 
result and opening thread which will sort that month by topics, that way 
you can read the entire thread.  Subject is less useful, date and author 
are the other ways you can sort a month.

I hope this helps and if you have more questions try writing the 
listowner at owner-harp-l at xxxxx

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