[Harp-L] Lee Oskar

John Kally jkally3@xxxxx
Thu Feb 25 15:16:39 EST 2021

Just a note regarding the question on Low Rider, FWIW. When it was recorded in 1975 the pedal choices were somewhat limited (the Whammy didn’t come out until 1989, for example. I did see Lee in the 90s using a  single Whammy, which of course made me go out and buy one) compared to today.  So I’d be thinking more in terms of the kind of effect he was getting, like using an octave lowering device,  than a specific piece of gear.  The interview Randy posted was very informative. 
Bit of trivia, I did see War with Lee Oskar  in 1971 at a United Artist label show at the Hollywood Bowl (for 99 cents! Program was an extra penny.) and one of the tunes they played live that day did make it to one of their early LPs. 

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