[Harp-L] Jazz harmonica cover- WATERS OF MARCH- randy singer

Randy Singer randy@xxxxx
Mon Dec 6 11:09:21 EST 2021

Someone got a video of me playing my 12 hole chromatic on the roof top of the New World Symphony.


I had never heard this track before playing on it in this video, I was just improvising spontaneously.

I am using very minimalist playing…..by using long notes, pads and color tones, one can play MORE ON THE SONG instead of just the solo….. without getting too busy, or distracting….or thrown off the stage…LOL I can hear orchestral string lines in my head so I just play those long pedal tones.

My Harmonica Hack revealed!!!….lonnnnnnnnng notes………..):

Thanks for listening, watching and dancing!!!!

https://youtu.be/WzMk3PVs1U4 <https://youtu.be/WzMk3PVs1U4>

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