[Harp-L] Cases and country tuned

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Fri Apr 30 18:25:49 EDT 2021


I have most keys of the Special 20 and Rocket in stock, and can custom tune
all of them to Hohner's standard country tuning (5 draw up half step), or
an alternate where both 5 and 9 draw are both tuned up half step.


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On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 4:39 PM David Terry <walkincane at xxxxx> wrote:

> Hello All, Now that things have opened here in Texas I get to play venues
> and the beer joints again (yay, live crowds give the best input). My
> trouble is I now need a somewhat bigger case and a full set of country
> tuned sp-20's. Been waiting on 3 shops calling to see if honer can do them
> in a bundled deal. No progress. Any recommendations? I'm getting
> frustrated. I can catch these tunes woth a regular tuning but country tuned
> helps with the transitions. Thanx Guys. P.s. waiting on musicians
> freind,guitar center, rockin rons and sweewater.  Is it Honer? I.d.k.

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