[Harp-L] Cases and country tuned

Chad Nordstrom chad.nordstrom@xxxxx
Fri Apr 30 17:05:13 EDT 2021

Rockin’s Ron has their custom ones and you can get them country tuned.

On Apr 30, 2021, at 16:39, David Terry <walkincane at xxxxx> wrote:

Hello All, Now that things have opened here in Texas I get to play venues
and the beer joints again (yay, live crowds give the best input). My
trouble is I now need a somewhat bigger case and a full set of country
tuned sp-20's. Been waiting on 3 shops calling to see if honer can do them
in a bundled deal. No progress. Any recommendations? I'm getting
frustrated. I can catch these tunes woth a regular tuning but country tuned
helps with the transitions. Thanx Guys. P.s. waiting on musicians
freind,guitar center, rockin rons and sweewater.  Is it Honer? I.d.k.

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