[Harp-L] Zoom Lessons technical issue

Brian McInnis bluesharpteacher@xxxxx
Wed Apr 28 12:36:38 EDT 2021

Hello everyone
I have taught a ton of harmonica video lessons with skype and facetime
and have had no trouble with the audio.

However with Zoom, the voice or speaking back and forth never cuts out, but the harmonica cuts out all the time, to the point where I can not  teach the lesson.

I have to get out of Zoom and switch to Skype or Facetime to finish lesson.

I know about the "automatically adjust microphone adjustment" fix
and the "Turn on original sound" fix 
I have watched videos on these fixes on YouTube and changed these settings
on my end. I have instructed a  new student or two to do this, but when they did this
the harmonica did not cut out, but the audio quality was terrible.
we went on facebook to finish the lesson

Is anyone else having these troubles with Zoom?

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