[Harp-L] Rocky Mountain Way

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Wed Apr 21 12:56:19 EDT 2021

Anybody using Brendan Power's Overblow booster inserts for diatonic harps?
  This morning I woke up with the urge to rock out and play along with Joe
Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way" (which is in the key of E).   Trying to play
along on my A harp I quickly realized that unless I was going to fake the
whole thing in the lowest register of the harp,  as bluesy as the melody
is,  it still needs the 5 and 6 overblows and maybe even the 7 overdraw to
play it convincingly in the middle register.

I can hit the 6 overblow fairly reliably but the 5 is dicey and the 7
overdraw even dicier.  So instead of stumbling through it,  I pulled out a
Marine Band Deluxe fitted with Brendan Power's Overblow Inserts and voila!
That 5 overblow is steady is a rock and the 7 overdraw too!

The only problem is that if I was playing with a rock band I'd want to cup
a bullet mike and I don't see how that's possible with the finger technique
needed to use the booster inserts.  Instead I'd have to stand a few inches
in front of a PA mike.  That would be kind of wimpy for this song.
 Somewhere I also have the plastic lever that can be attached and used
instead of fingers.   Maybe that would make using a bullet mike easier.
I'll have to practice that technique,   I haven't used the lever much.  It
seemed kind of awkward backing it off when it wasn't needed for a note but
maybe with practice that would get easier.   Anybody using that lever?

Anyone have any other suggestions for "Rocky Mountain Way"?   Other
positions or alternate tunings perhaps?

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