[Harp-L] Stevie Wonder FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE

Slim Heilpern slim@xxxxx
Wed Sep 23 12:02:35 EDT 2020

Richard's book is great and I highly recommend it, but so is his advice to work it out yourself. When I was getting serious about learning the chromatic  (over 40 years ago), I bought all the Stevie Wonder LPs I didn't already have and worked my way through almost all of his harmonica solos. I didn't memorize them, just figured 'em out by ear which showed me the basic techniques I'd need to be able to play in that style. I went through them in chronological order starting with his first LP (he was 12 years old) figuring that the easiest stuff would appear first. But the stuff he was doing by the time he was 19 (e.g. "Alfie") was not easy to say the least -- still blows my mind how he had both invented a new chromatic style and played so damn beautifully by that age.

- Slim


> On Sep 23, 2020, at 6:57 AM, Richard Hunter <rhunter377 at xxxxx> wrote:
> Brian Irving wrote: So, has anybody posted the tab in F# on a C chromatic?
> My book "Jazz Harp" (Oak Publications, NYC, 1980) includes a complete
> transcription of this solo in standard and arrow notation for C chromatic
> harmonica.
> If you're not willing to pay for the book, you can of course work it out
> for yourself. That's what I did, and I learned a whole lot from a lot of
> other musicians by working out their solos note for note.
> Thanks, RH
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