[Harp-L] Zoom Harmonica Classes Begin Mon. Oct. 5, 2020

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Sun Oct 4 03:30:30 EDT 2020

 From:  Seth Holzman,   
            Email: zepharpo at xxxxx     
            Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020

Dear Fellow Music Lovers -
    Announcing Harmonica Classes You Can Take From Anywhere Via Zoom (Zoom Is free and very easy to download, but there is a fee for the classes). There is room for a few more students in the classes!
    Seth Holzman Teaches Harmonica Classes, Workshops, Private Classes and Private Lessons (since the 1970's)!
    Seth's Harmonica classes begin tomorrow night, Oct. 5, 2020: "Beginning Harmonica" (6:30 PM Eastern Time) and "Blues Harmonica 1" (8:00 PM Eastern Time).

Monday Night Classes:
    My 8 week Monday night class, “Beginners Harmonica For Adults (ages 16 and above)" (6:30 to 7:45 PM), begins Mon. Oct. 5 and continues through Nov. 23.
     My 8 week Monday night class, "Blues Harmonica 1" (for people who have taken "Beginners Harmonica" or others who are at a similar level) (8:00 to 9:15 PM), also begins 
Mon. Oct. 5 and continues through Nov. 23.    Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, these Monday night classes were held at the Philadelphia Folksong Society (PFS), 6156 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia PA 19128, in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. Now the classes are available anywhere!
    You may register for these Monday night classes through either of two different organizations: the Philadelphia Folksong Society (PFS) or the Mount Airy Learning Tree (MALT). Even though they are offered by two different organizations, the classes are one and the same. You may register for a Monday night class through either organization.   
    The Philadelphia Folksong Society is the great venerable organization that has been bringing us the Philadelphia Folk Festival since about 1962 (for about 58 years!), as well as many other concerts, workshops and community programs throughout the years!
    For information or to register for the Monday night classes, please contact:
    The Philadelphia Folksong Society (PFS) at 215-247-1300 or www.pfs.org.
    Or, for the Monday night classes, you may also contact:
    Mount Airy Learning Tree (MALT) at 215-843-6436 or www.mtairylearningtree.org.

(Please note: If you want to take my Monday “Blues Harmonica 1” class, but haven’t taken my beginners’ class, you need to be able to get clear single notes on the 10 hole diatonic harmonica, play several very simple songs like "Hot Cross Buns" and 'Mary Had A Little Lamb" and have a basic understanding of the 12 Bar Blues and bending.)
    (For course descriptions, see the various websites.)

    Note: If you are interested in one of these harmonica classes, please sign up as soon as possible (immediately). Because class size is limited, the class could fill up, and if you wait, then you will be closed out of the class.

    I've been teaching harmonica classes since 1975 in the Boston MA area; the Syracuse NY area; in New York City; and finally in the Philadelphia PA area (I've moved several times over the years).
    And I've been teaching private harmonica lessons since the early 1970's.
    I've had the pleasure of sitting in with Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, Roomful of Blues, Magic Slim, Dave "Honeyboy" Edwards, John Brim, Vanessa Collier and others.  And I've had the great pleasure of gigging with Ronnie Earl, John Mooney, and many others.  I currently gig with Stevie and the Bluescasters (www.stevieandthebluescasters.com/).
    I studied music and earned my BA in Music degree from Syracuse University.

    Email me at zepharpo at xxxxx for information about harmonica classes, workshops, private classes and private lessons.

    Thank you!

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