[Harp-L] First Out-of-the-box Diatonic Harp in Diminished Tuning Released

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Fri Oct 2 12:09:42 EDT 2020

I've always admired the elegance, logic and power of Diminished Tuning! On a
diatonic harmonica, it fits the 12 notes of the chromatic scale perfectly
into 4 holes per octave with a recurring pattern of 3 notes per hole, rising
chromatically: blow, drawbend, draw - blow, drawbend, draw - and so on.
Starting with a C blow note, that gives you this pattern in 4 holes: C/C#/D
- Eb/E/F - F#/G/G# - A/Bb/B. But the beauty of it is that you can play any
scale or phrase in any key with just 3 breath patterns, making transposing
scales or licks to all 12 keys so much easier than on any other harmonica
tuning. The semitone bends in each hole are easy for any player to achieve
on a stock harmonica, so it dramatically lowers the barrier to playing fully
chromatically on a diatonic.


Diminished Tuning has so much going for it, but availability was limited to
custom retunes or ordering via Seydel's Configurator. With the increasing
desire to play fully chromatically whilst retaining the tone and soul of the
diatonic harp, I think Diminished Tuning's time has come! To help make it
easier for a wide range of players to check it out easily, I've created the
first out-of-the-box harp in Diminished Tuning, using the platform of my
Lucky 13 model. Its extra length is especially suitable to Diminished,
because it gives players a full 3 octave range. In addition, my Look-Dots on
the front of the comb assist with keeping oriented on this most fluid and
flexible of all harmonicas.


Here's a video demo:



More info and Phrase Maps:




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