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Sun Mar 29 08:52:37 EDT 2020

Copied from his Facebook page

—— 𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗴@𝘀:
During these weeks of confinement a lot of people have encouraged me to do some live gigs on networks, or even give some masterclass, and I want to explain why I haven't done it yet.
When we give a concert or class, we're showing what we know how to do best, and this is something I've been doing systematically all my life. This situation that has been unexpectedly presented to us, in which we have been ordered to lock ourselves at home with all the comforts at our fingertips, I think it's an opportunity to look inward and not continue doing the same thing we used to do.
I am dedicating my time to studying, reading, writing, cooking, acquiring daily routines, doing some exercise, etc., ultimately, things that I think make me grow as a musician and as a person so that when this is all over I can offer a better version of myself (I hate this phrase, lol), and get the feeling that I've learned something from this extraordinary situation.
I'm afraid because I trust science and especially our doctors who are the noble and best prepared people ever, and I have a clear conscience to be doing the little I can do, which is stay home.
That being said, I want to announce that Monday, March 30 at 11 am, I will make a rather particular live. Respect to all of you who show what you know how to do. To some I even listen to you from time to time; but the live I'm going to do is going to show something that won't do and I would like to improve. This is infinite so I picked one specific thing. I've always wanted to play the Hammond organ and, although you know I'm not bad at playing the piano, the organ has the difficulty that you have to make a bass line on the left hand while the other accompanies with chords or improvising. This hand independence thing I've always carried it fatal and it's precisely what I'm going to practice in front of you. I will choose the most universal harmonic progression that exists (I VI II V, called Turn Around) and work it nonstop as long as I hold. A great friend, pianist and jazz organist, Pablo Gutiérrez, told me that to acquire that independence there was no other to practice and practice until suddenly your brain was divided into two and you no longer had to think about two things to once, if not every part of the brain dealt with one (it's my personal interpretation of our conversation).
My goal in this study session I'm going to share with vosotr at xxxxx is to practice tirelentlessly until my brain is split in two. I'll do it in the tone of Si flat to a comfortable tempo, and try to have a good time learning what it's all about. I also do this to encourage you to work your weaknesses and take advantage of this lockdown to grow and swell your tooth to all that you would love to learn but you always say you don't have time to do it.
If my muscles don't get stuck, maybe we even break the record of playing a turn around nonstop for longer...
see Monday, 𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗴@𝘀!

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