[Harp-L] any song, any harp

John Thaden jjthaden@xxxxx
Sun Mar 29 07:52:46 EDT 2020

When I'm inspired by a song, say on internet radio, I like to grab a random 10-hole harp (or the harp in my pocket that day) and try to play along. 
With certain pairings of harp to song, there may be as few as one or two notes (without bending or overbending) that fit, so first I'll figure out how to get musical with those few notes, then add those I can bend/overbend to, then use as many of the remaining notes as I can in passing. Other pairings will put me in a more familiar (1st, 2nd, 12th, 3rd, 11th, 4th) harp position and I'm off and running.
For me, this kind of free-form practicing is a ton of fun, is great ear-training, forces me to play in unusual positions, motivates me to accurately hit bends and overbends, and nags me to crack open that harp to tweak a reed that just won't give me the bend/OB I'm reaching for.
>From the woodshed,
- ublokr  College Station, TX, USA

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