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Eddie Shu was a performing partner on chromatic harmonica with Stan Harper during WWII in Hawaii. They did many USO shows together.  His son Evan is an excellent contemporary Vocalist/Guitarist on Maui where I met him and he and gave me Eddie’s diatonic harmonica.  Eddie was undoubtedly one of the finest Sax players that ever lived in addition to a great chromatic player.  He was also an excellent ventriloquist.  Look him up on YouTube. You can friend Evan on FaceBook.

Tom Stryker

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Eddie Shu! Thank you, Pete in Alaska and Eddie's son, Evan Shulman-also a musician.
Where have I been? He played with Gene Krupa, damn. and great sax player he was too.
Check him out featured on Caravan 21:42 - 25:53

Gene Krupa Jazz Quartet featuring Eddie Shu. NEW VERSION. Is it better? Let me know.<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-swT2xJKkg>
I found a program that allowed me to match the audio codec exactly. I hope it makes a difference to everyone out there. I experimented with the video trying to keep the aspect ratio appropriate and yet enhance the overall experience. It can be played at 720 for best results. I'll leave it up for a while in case anyone wants to check it out. If ...

Michael Peloquin”

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