[Harp-L] My favorite chromatic player-video

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Mon Mar 23 08:08:40 EDT 2020

Yes, thanks for the recommendation of William Gallison.

> On Mar 22, 2020, at 9:41 AM, fmajor7 <fmajor7 at xxxxx> wrote:
> Antonio Serrano is an amazing musician and a harmonica player. But - we
> should also consider William Gallison. The New York based jazz harmonica
> player is a very talented and gifted musician.
> Toots described him as "the most original and individual of the new
> generation of the harmonica players".
> Williams latest album demonstrates his brilliant tone, expression and
> technique.
> It is a collector's item.
> The album is called "Odysseus Fantasy".
> Please listen to it at
> https://www.odradek-records.com/album/odysseus-fantasy/
> Gautam
>> On Sun, 22 Mar 2020 at 12:22, robert mcgraw <harpbob at xxxxx> wrote:
>> I agree that Antonio Serrano is as great a jazz harmonica player  as there
>> is in the world today! Love his playing...he is a worthy heir to
>> Toots...but don't see any reason to take a swipe at Gregoire Maret, who is
>> obviously a great, original player himself. I guess Maret will have to
>> console himself with the endorsements of people like Herbie Hancock and
>> Marcus Miller.
>> WVa Bob
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>> Subject: [Harp-L] My favorite chromatic player-video
>> If there was ever an heir to the Toots throne, would be THIS great
>> harmonica player- Antonio Serrano
>> I’m not sure why they chose GM for the Toots tribute (with his thin
>> queasiness tone) but he cannot hold a candle to this genius- every note has
>> purpose and sacredness.
>> Check out the video below. WOW!
>> https://youtu.be/uSaO7yumWEg
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