[Harp-L] My favorite chromatic player-video

robert mcgraw harpbob@xxxxx
Sun Mar 22 22:31:31 EDT 2020

Definitely some beautiful sounding stuff. Intriguing.
Look forward to hearing the whole thing in May.
WVa Bob
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Antonio Serrano is an amazing musician and a harmonica player. But - we should also consider William Gallison. The New York based jazz harmonica player is a very talented and gifted musician.
Toots described him as "the most original and individual of the new generation of the harmonica players".
Williams latest album demonstrates his brilliant tone, expression and technique.
It is a collector's item.
The album is called "Odysseus Fantasy".

Please listen to it at https://www.odradek-records.com/album/odysseus-fantasy/


On Sun, 22 Mar 2020 at 12:22, robert mcgraw <harpbob at xxxxx<mailto:harpbob at xxxxx>> wrote:
I agree that Antonio Serrano is as great a jazz harmonica player  as there is in the world today! Love his playing...he is a worthy heir to Toots...but don't see any reason to take a swipe at Gregoire Maret, who is obviously a great, original player himself. I guess Maret will have to console himself with the endorsements of people like Herbie Hancock and  Marcus Miller.
WVa Bob

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If there was ever an heir to the Toots throne, would be THIS great harmonica player- Antonio Serrano

I’m not sure why they chose GM for the Toots tribute (with his thin queasiness tone) but he cannot hold a candle to this genius- every note has purpose and sacredness.

Check out the video below. WOW!


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