[Harp-L] Harmonica contest!!!

Mikael Bäckman mikael.backman@xxxxx
Thu Jun 11 08:21:39 EDT 2020

Hi list!

For the past couple of months I and a family version of my band John Henry, have been doing live streams under #unitedinsound in cooperation with Hohner. I teach a little, talk about a harmonica or a harmonica related product, give a shout out to a harp-player and sometimes a harmonica book. Last nights episode, part 27, we had a little contest. In the end of the stream we play a tune. The question is:
What positions am I playing when I play diatonic harps?
No swede has tried their luck so I'm letting this competition go international. When I write this no correct answer has been offered.

What do you win?
A complete set of John Henry CDs (three albums in total) and a ladies model T-shirt.
When you figure out which positions I'm playing, write it on John Henry's Facebook in the comment field below the stream. You'll find a link to the stream below, or just go to @johnhenryband. And of course, if you like the music there is 26 more streams to check out...

Good luck!

Mikael Bäckman

PhD Student

Luleå University of Technology,

Piteå School of Music


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