[Harp-L] Boatsman, Blackberry Blossom: damaged file replaced

Ken H in Ohio airmojoken@xxxxx
Sun Jun 7 16:58:41 EDT 2020

Bob Meehan is on Facebook, and posts in some of the harmonica groups.

Currently, he loves Seydel harmonicas... not sure if he still does any
custom harmonica work.

I have several Marine Bands, and Hohner SBS harmonicas that he customized
for me from at least several years ago...
a big improvement on the SBS harps playability... the Marine Bands play
great too!

I love the Seydel harps too !

I have a couple of his CD's that I purchased from him at a Columbus Buckeye
Harmonica Festival years ago...

I need to dig thru my boxes of CD's to find them, but I will.

Ken H in OH

On Sun, Jun 7, 2020 at 3:51 PM <bad_hat at xxxxx> wrote:

> Clarke wrote: There is a nice Harp version of Blackberry Blossom on this
> album on YouTube. I have the album and the individual song in my iTunes
> collection but don’t know how to share from iTunes. This was recorded
> over 20 years ago.
> That's Bob Meehan who used to be a member of harp-l and a relatively
> frequent poster.  At some point he retired from his day job and moived
> from New jersey to I think North Carolina somewhere.  He was making
> custom harmonicas in that era.  I bought a C Marine band, did not care
> for the tuning and retuned it to a natural minor.  I've been playing
> that harmonica hard for 20 years now and have not touched it since I
> retuned it. An amazing harmonica. Last I looked he was still doing
> custom harmonicas but  haven't tried to contact him via his website.

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